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With an average Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 4X across all of our campaigns...

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PropStream Results


From 400 to 3,500 leads per month using Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, and Taboola.

Family Leisure Results


Advanced shopping campaign setup using custom labels, dynamic product and price updates.

Family Leisure
Feedonomics Results


4450 Enterprise leads generated at a CPL of $150 with a 20% conversion rate in only 14 months.


Want to see business results like never before?

How Automated Interactive Personalised Videos (AIPV) work

See for yourself.

Video Production

Bespoke production (Live or Animated) created within your brand guidelines.

Data Mapping

The data gets mapped in a multitude of forms such as text, voice over and scene changes.

Data Merge

The data variables get merged into video according to the mapped parameters.

Render Factory

The mapped files get sent to our render factory where each video is rendered and compressed.

The Campaign

Each video gets a unique link as well as a Personalised Animated Gif for final distribution.

Campaign Delivery

Links can be delivered through email, sms or upon login on both your web and mobile apps.

A turnkey solution

A completely done-for-you service ensures that your team can focus on what they do best, while our team of experts do all the heavy lifting.

Customer Focus


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Landing Pages

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Data Templates

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Campaign Analytics

Custom integrations make life easy.

We are able to customise data integrations with any platform resulting in seamless campaigns.

Dynamic Real-time reporting

Integration Methods

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SFTP CSV File Drop

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Manual CSV Email Send

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Manual Upload to Portal

Your data is always secure.

Our system is encrypted using 256bit SSL for data in transit and at rest with keys being rotated regularly. Stored data uses 256bit SSL and is destroyed as soon as processing is completed.